Dr Martens: giving infringers the boot


Dr Martens: giving infringers the boot


From humble beginnings in the UK, footwear brand Dr Martens is now an international operator and must coordinate action across the globe to tackle IP infringement. WIPR found out more during a guided tour of the company’s factory in the UK.

For many global brands a multi-storey complex in the heart of one of the world’s major cities is what they call home. Their base is a sign of power, where their ideas are born, and products are designed and tested before being marketed around the world.

Despite Dr Martens’ rigorous designing and testing procedures, there are no glitzy high-rises at this company, which prides itself on humble beginnings and its work before becoming the brand you see today.

After arriving by train at a small town in England’s Northamptonshire region, WIPR was taken by taxi to the company’s headquarters in a sleepy village named Wollaston.

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